How to install pool mosaic via Thin set method


A 3/16" square notch trowel is recommended for most applications. Apply bonding mortar coat (latex-modified thin-set) to substrate with the flat side of the trowel pressing hard to attain good contact. Comb mortar with the tooth edge of the trowel to achieve a uniform coat. Re-comb the mortar bed with the flat side of the trowel to render a flat, ridge free, and uniform application. This will help prevent voids or air pockets when applying the tile.

Spread only as much bonding mortar that will allow for installation of tile, paper removal and reworking (straightening) of the tile while bonding mortar is still in a fresh condition and prior to its initial set.

Tesserae Mosaics are face-mounted on Kraft paper sheets. Install them with the paper side up. After applying the mortar as explained above begin setting the sheets in small sections (approximately 4- 10 square feet). Firmly press each sheet into the mortar coat, checking to make sure there is sufficient coverage with the setting material. Then beat in with wooden block in order to achieve a smooth, flat surface. After the mosaics have started to set, but before they become fully bonded the paper should be removed

Removing the paper

The brown craft paper is adhered with a water-soluble glue. Remove the paper as the setting progresses by moistening with a damp sponge or spray bottle.

Depending on site conditions paper removal can begin 20-40 minutes after the tile had first been applied. Dampen the paper a few times, and within 5-10 minutes it will begin to release from the mosaic tile. Peeling the paper while the thin-set mortar is still in afresh state will allow you to make any necessary adjustments, especially the elimination of the sheet lines.

In order to avoid seeing a square foot pattern, re-work the joints outlining the perimeter of each sheet. Do a final rub in with the beating to insure a flat surface.


Install the grout mix according to the manufacturers instructions. Grout joints shall be full and uniform finished. For initial cleaning of grout from the tile face, use a dry nylon scrub pad in order to avoid washing out the grout joints. Use a damp sponge only for the final clean washing and smoothing of the grout joints. For polishing of excess grout haze use a clean soft cloth.

Important: Allow tile work for exterior installation or in  areas subject to prolonged water immersion such as pools, fountains, spas, etc. to cure for 10 days before exposing to immersion.

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